About Us

What we do


First thing to do is always the SEO analysis of the website and target keywords.


We advise the client what they need to rank for, as often small businesses misjudge what they need to focus on.


Then we do do the on site and offsite Search Engine Optimisation, allowing the sites to rank in top results.

Our SEO Service

The reason we started offering SEO

The SEO team is part of a general advertising agency, that offers web related services.

Few years ago, we decided to launch this site and SEO as an independent service, it was simply due to the high demand from our clients to rank their websites in search. Having worked in search engine optimisation since at least 10 years, we decided to answer our clients demands and offer it as a service through this site. Allowing even agencies to hire us for our services.

Influence Search Ranking

Web Design (30%)

Website quality (70%)

On site SEO (80%)

Off site SEO (100%)